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Created in 2009, AESMA consulting firm offers tailor made services to French as well as foreign decision-makers, providing them a value-added package of strategic support solutions.


To private sector entrepreneurs, AESMA can also provide business diplomacy support: Due Diligence, partnership and talent spotting, network topology and risk assessment to secure their international project management planning.


Public sector managers can be provided with various kinds of articles, reports, syntheses and written materials from our contracted studies and strategic studies. We also write Policy Making recommendations notes to ensure a more comprehensive understanding of tomorrow’s challenges (Regional Security, Energy, Defense Industry...).


AESMA consulting firm’s philosophy relies on its motto: Know. Anticipate. Act. To paraphrase French philosopher Auguste Comte: “to know in order to predict, to predict in order to control” (« Savoir pour prévoir, afin de pouvoir »).


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