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Security Engineering

Security Engineering

  • Security Audit of systems dedicated to security and safety of people and buildings: CCTV, border protection, detection, fire, monitoring, access and circulation for internal and external traffic

  • Security and Safety Audit of buildings: banks, headquarters

  • Design, Choice and Implementation of solutions

  • Project Management: implementation, security policy, specifications


  • Penetration Tests, which can be periodic depending on client’s needs.

  • Internal Security Audit: operational (vulnerabilities), organisational (management) or physical (IT rooms)

  • Phone Systems Audit

  • Specific audits: server configuration, networks (Wi-Fi), workstations, software systems, AS/400

  • ISO 27001 pre-implementation Audit

Security Outsourcing has an on objective to manage Information System security for companies seeking to enhance the security of their data without having internal resources.

It is a recurrent service, part- or full-time depending on the Information System size and scope.

Security Outsourcing

  • Advice and support on new projects: specifications, implementation, administration

  • Securing existing or new systems

  • Business Continuity Planning and Security Policy design and implementation

  • Ecosystem evaluation

  • Functional analysis of new solutions

  • Strategic Studies


  • Data acquisition/legal copy of servers or workstations

  • Data analysis to search for evidence

  • Investigation and management coaching in case of crisis or incident

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