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AESMA consistently supports companies seeking to mitigate risks related to international business development. The firm enables clients optimal business continuity and safeguards the security of their expatriate staff on the ground. 


  • Pre-implantation security and control audits


  • Elaboration of specific evaluation patterns and security allowing clients to monitor their branches or subsidiaries abroad


  • Design of security strategies, integrated security and global contingency plans


  • Conception of business continuity plans and crisis management strategies


  • Assistance for Security Master Plan development: crisis management, evacuation procedures


  • Training of expatriates and developing political, cultural, and security awareness of their environment (Siberia, Iraq, Lebanon...)


  • Assistance programs in France related to Safety and Security, taking account of official regulations including data confidentiality.


  • Assistance programs for project management in the fields of , deployment and maintenance of security equipment, (CCTV, safe storage systems for data, facilities staff/vehicles clearance systems, etc).


  • Security management (includes both crisis management or day-to-day follow up)

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