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Contracted Studies

Since 2012, through studies on strategic relationships, AESMA has been combining skills of both a Think Tank and a Strategic Advisory Cell for the General Directorate for International and Strategic Relationships (DGRIS) – the political and strategic division of the Defense Ministry in France


AESMA operates on a two track approach:


  • Post-Soviet area and its stakes, as well as evolutions in the Defense Technological and Industrial Base of Eurasian States, including India and China.

  • Maritime issues: sovereignty and security, illegal migration, off-shore energy, etc


So far, AESMA has conducted the following studies:


  • Ukraine and its regional environment after the 2010 presidential election (joint program with CERI/Paris Schoolof Political Sciences)

  • South Caucasus: stability and regional study

  • Defence industry complexes in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan: baseline studies and evolutions (joint study with )

  • Aspects of bilateral / trilateral collaborations among defense industry organizations of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

  • Ambitions of emerging maritime powers

  • Comparison of French and British strategic concepts of maritime security in the Indian Ocean

  • Evolution of illegal migration flows in the Mediterranean, including the adaptation of States’ responses


AESMA is also operating:


  • Contracted study of Central Asia (since 2012)

  • Contracted study of Defense Technological and Industrial Bases in Russia, China and India - jointly with Asia Centre (since 2016)

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